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Written on January 3, 2018

This January it gives us great pleasure to welcome Claire Edwards to the team here at Galaxy Radio and The Weekender.  Claire will bring her extensive radio and marketing experience to the group, which spans some 16 years in both the UK and Spain.  We caught up with Claire to ask her a few questions.

How did you first get into radio? 

‘Bizarrely through the power of radio advertising! I kid you not. I heard an advert on the radio so applied, got the job and have never looked back. Over the years I have pretty much done every job possible in a radio station from sales support and live outside events to presenting, programme controlling and management.’

What have been some of your favourite moments in radio?

‘Oh my goodness! There have been so many memorable moments! Falling out with Van Morrison? Interviewing a very grumpy Geri Halliwell and a rather lovely David Gray? Building stages and gaining back stage access at festivals like Glastonbury and Guildfest? Collecting masses of funny out takes known as ‘bloopers’? Helping lots of superb charities over the years? Running head first (literally) into the big hairy cornflake himself, DLT? So many to choose from.  I think my personal favourite was having the privilege of being involved in giving away some great prizes including cars and £10,000 cash to a really deserving family in the UK.

Have you ever sworn on the radio or been fired?

Hahahaha! Great question.  Well yes, I have to say I did once swear on the radio many years ago, on my first ever live show! I forgot to drop the fader at the end of a link! It’s a mistake you only tend to make once. As for being fired . . .  No! Not yet anyway!

Are there any radio personalities who have inspired you?

Absolutely! At the start of my career, I simply adored Chris Evans.  His maverick, ‘shoot from the hip’ style made for compelling radio for me.  I will never forget when he gave away a million pounds, of his own money, on air.  I was listening in the car on my way to work and then had to sit in the car park, unable to leave my radio until I had heard the end of the competition.  I then had to explain to MY radio boss that I was late because I could not leave the radio!

I have also had the pleasure of working directly with some super creative and talented local radio people over the years.  All of which have inspired me and taught me so much.

What do you do in your spare time? 

Most of my spare time revolves around my beloved Cockapoo, Dexter and hanging out with friends.  I also DJ locally on the coast specialising in family parties, weddings, and children’s parties.

Claire presents the Galaxy Radio Afternoon Bit, weekdays, 3-6pm. Tune in for some of the best music around, lots of banter and for your chance to see if you can score a hat trick with the Pub Quiz, the celebrity voice Guesssss Whooooo and Beat the Intro.

You can listen on 106FM in the south of the Costa Blanca,  and 106.8FM in the north of the Costa Blanca, and online on your computer or any mobile device:


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